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To have your comedy gold or news/gossip scoop stolen from one message board, email, or instant message conversation, and have it resposted to a much larger audience as if it were the theif's own. Not exactly copyright infringement, but definitely internet attention whoring.
Dante37 would have been e-famous if his Star Wars spoiler images weren't Rahan'd by Darth-Randall.
by Seb-X September 20, 2005
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Clinical term for message board blue balls, specifically when someone starts a thread and that thread is locked for whatever reason, before you can follow up with a brilliant reply and/or the joke's punchline.
Eeth's thread failure gave me horrible reply-vasocongestion pains...I spent 15 mintues photoshopping an image for him but his crappy thread got locked before I could post it.
by Seb-X April 4, 2008
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