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The embodiment of pure evil. Most breeds have sharp talons on each foot, fangs sharp enough to sever a head, a tail powerful enough to break a human in half, and can breath fire. Thought to be of the Felis catus family (which became extinct 25 trillion years ago), they are however, a completely different species most likely not of this earth. Known best for the uncanny ability to garner as much attention and affection from everything around it for no apparent reason other than to entrance the viewer into falling at its every whim. It is not known how or why kittens possess this ability, and is a big controversial topic in today's society. Research has shown some evidence supporting the idea of this "Death Gaze" as a way to extract a portion of it's victims soul for sustenance. Once the kitten has reached it's critical soul threshold, it then encases itself in a cocoon of human baby flesh and emerges a full grown beast we know as a cat. This new body that this "cat" possesses is so immensely powerful, they become lazy bastards, eating every conceivable thing in sight, sleeping on neighbors cars, and only wants attention when it needs to recharge by collecting more human souls.
Unsuspecting victim: "Aww, a cute baby kitten!"
Kitten: "Meow!"
Unsuspecting victim: *dead*
by Sean McAwesome October 09, 2008
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A horrendous situation in which a strong possibility of doom is at hand.
"Do you realize what you've done!"


"You have wrought us all with the possibility of doom, POSSIBILIDOOM!!!"
by Sean McAwesome February 10, 2010
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A sexual position in which a woman on her period, using a tampon, is positioned on the bed in an L shape to represent the frame of a book. The tampon string hanging out between her legs represents the string often found on a bookmark.
Man: "Damn girl, you on your period."

Woman: "It's no thing, let's do a Witchita Bookmark"

Man: "......The fuck?"
by Sean McAwesome February 10, 2010
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