2 definitions by Sean Ward

A sexual act first contrived in the late 1980s during the start of the Eastern Block pornography industry, where the final product resembles a strawberry dessert. A Hungarian Smoothie is created when a man performs oral sex on a menstrating female. The partner eats out the woman obtaining as much menstrual mucus in the mouth as possible. The mouthfuls of menstrual fluid are then deposited directly upon the belly of the woman. Once a sufficient portion of menstration is present, the man masturbates to ejaculation and cums on the woman's belly, into the menstrual deposits. The mixture of semen and menstrual fluid is called a Hungarian Smoothie (note: Although there have been some recorded cases of a third party consuming the smoothie, for heath purposes, it is not recommended).
The director, who believed he was more than a videographer, but an artist, instructed his actors that their first scene would be to film the rare, yet unforgetable process of creating a Hungarian Smoothie.
by Sean Ward October 29, 2006
A sexual act which involves three persons, one of which must be female. The first participant is the donor and must be male. The donor engages in bare back, anal intercourse with the second participant who can be either male or female. Once the donor ejaculates a load of cum into the passive partner's anus, he withdrawls his penis. The passive partner, who now has an anus full of scum proceeds to spacedock with the third partner, who must be a female. The passive partner squats over the third partner and shits the load of cum from his/her ass into the vagina of the third participant. This mixture of shit and spunk is called Hungarian Stew. To complete the stew, the first partner, the one who fucked the passive partner, begins oral cunnalingus with the woman eating the stew from her snatch.
Ted, Chris and Jennifer were drinking heavily and feeling somewhat kinky. Ted grabbed Chris and bare-backed his ass doggy-style, shooting him full of spunk. As if on cue, Jennifer spead her legs and Chris Spacedocked with her. Ted hungrily gobbled Jennifers shaved kitty gorging himself on the Hungarian Stew.
by Sean Ward October 26, 2006