3 definitions by Sean D Lloyd

In italics means that you have had a lot to drink and are half way to falling over i.e tipsy. Italics essentially show words that have half fallen over, and thus this translates into real life.
Leanne is in italics!
by Sean D Lloyd April 13, 2008
A Weber is a barbeque grill and has a rounded lid. Anyone who is fat with a big, rounded stomach is said to have "swallowed a Weber" because the round stomach resembles the lid of a Weber.
Look at Al, it looks like he's swallowed a Weber!
by Sean D Lloyd April 14, 2008
A Bentley Belt is a flotation device for kids that has a tube going around their abdominal area. In urban terms you would say someone is wearing a Bentley Belt because they are fat due to their waistline/stomach resembling a kid wearing a Bentley Belt.
Check that chick, she's wearing a serious Bentley Belt!
by Sean D Lloyd April 14, 2008