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someone who has elevated themselves beyond being worthy of just being refered to as a regular cunt, to that of being worthy of earning an award, or medal, due to their extended concentration or consistency of cuntishness.
my boss is a walking talking arsehole, a prize cunt
by Scottie2Hottie April 24, 2006

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a person that bears a resemblance to that of the head of a penis. this person will often share the conversational capacity, and day-to-day usefulness with said object.

derogatory term, usually said by one male friend to another to suggest that they are generally useless, or that they are a giant smelly wanker with little, or no use.
You are such a cock end
by Scottie2Hottie April 24, 2006

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Not her name really COTumaccio, but is fucking cute and a hottie
by Scottie2Hottie June 30, 2003

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