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being physically exiled from where you go to school or where you live because of the poor decisions you made. This includes social banishing from your former group of friends, being forced to move to another state in the middle of nowhere. Social exiles usually get 'day passes' to return to temporarily return from their place of exile, and expect for their former friends to simply socialize with them just because they're back. Social exiles get extremely disappointed when they realize that life continues on without their presence and no one has really missed them.
Jenny from Gossip Girl is a social exile. She now lives in social oblivion. She occasionally got a day pass to return to New York and left the Upper East Side every time with her tail between her legs.

Claire fucked up her relationship with everyone she knew and she pissed her guardians off. She failed at committing suicide. Because she fucked up at life, she was socially exiled to Nowhere Arkansas, population 25. She was given a 'day pass' to return to Coolsville and was dissmayed when she realized that no one had forgotten nor forgave what she had done and that no one cared for her anymore .
by Scott_the_bookeeper March 14, 2011
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The Biggest ,Most successful trolls in the world.
Westboro Baptist Church Members are the biggest trolls in the world. They have been so successful that they have been banned from entering countries.
by Scott_the_bookeeper February 24, 2010
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