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The fear that the guy next to you at a urinal is masturbating. This accounts for urinals, stalls, and sinks in both male and femal bathrooms. The act is usually done vigorously, loud, and with a mean finish, or quiet, calm, and discreetly.
Dude: Let's stop by the house, I gotta use the bathroom.
Dude2: Why can't you just go here?
Dude: I have masturinalphobia.....
Dude2: Dude no one's going to do anything wierd.
Dude: You ever heard of Peewee Herman?
Dude2: We'll stop by your house.
by ScottBrown May 18, 2011
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The act of one man having sex with one other woman while she is lieing down and he is sitting while inserted. He then proceeds to hold her arms in front of him while he goes sleding with her during sex down a steep snowy hill or mountain. The act may be done bare, on with a sled, or with any given sheet of wood, metal, etc.
Guy1, "Dude did you go slutting on that eskimo?"

Guy2, " Yea man but it was a bumpy ride..."

Guy1, "Rocks?"

Guy2, "Scoliosis."
by ScottBrown April 14, 2011
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