16 definition by Scott Lanway

A drinking game that requires three people and a deck of cards. The game is played like so:

1. Deal a card to each player. Place the rest of the pile in the center.

2. Each player takes turns to flip through the deck and;

a) if one of the cards is the same as his/her card, the player must take ten drinks. (eg. your king and a king in the deck.)

b) if the card is ranked next to your card you take 5 drinks. (eg. your kind and a queen or ace in the deck.)

c) When the deck is done, start over.

3. The last person drinking wins.
I played Drink Bitch with my friends J.P. and Stinky two nights ago, and I'm still hammered!
by Scott Lanway June 23, 2004

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On "South Park," one of Cartman's many names for Sheila Broflovsky (Kyle's mom).

Also, any woamn stupid enough to vote for George W. Bush or his fellow nazipublicans.
...then on Sunday, just to be different, she's a super king kamaya-maya bitch!
by Scott Lanway June 22, 2004

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