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An abbreviated version of the phase/action "shake my head."
Usually used in texts to convey annoyance or frustration and give the receiver a mental image of the senders emotions.
although a similar conveyance can be illustrated via the use of emoticons.
I cant believe our Professor wont extend the deadline for this assignment smh
It's unbelievable how high you have to score to get into medicine at university smh.
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by Schwifty bits April 01, 2020

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A disgustingly amazing friend. He is always willing to help you out if you mention a problem your having he the first to offer a solution. He may seem indifferent et at times but he has a lot to say.

He is sarcastic and likes very very dark humor. He is not easy to read and you can’t always tell what he’s thinking and he won’t tell you his thoughts but he shows he cares by his actions. He is horny but won’t ever find a girlfriend because he doesn’t want and because he scares them away. If you ever have a crush on him youll get jealous a lot because he talks to any girl and gives no one special treatment so you won’t know of he likes you or not. Probably best to avoid a Brendon if emotions happen.
There goes that pedophile Brendon again... luring little kids to his white beetle.

Brendon loves Jesus... so much so he wants to look like him.
by Schwifty bits December 26, 2019

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