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OGOX- "Original Gangster OX"... yup... as retarded as the abbreviation. This is somehow a combination of a gangster and an ox, an overweight animal used to pull wagons in the 1800's.

This is a group of kids who all were and still are giant losers, but later found out that when together, they can all have something in common. No one really wants to be one, but you are forced to join if:

A.) You have less than 2 friends.
B.) You're from Northfield Village.
C.) You are in love with Chevy.
D.) You're MySpace is littered with things that are somehow dumber than you are.
E.) You can relate anything to dipping.
F.) You have a giant butt-chin.

The daily routine of an OGOX consists of:

-Throw a 'fatty ass pinch' in before school.
-Once in school, walk around, be obnoxiously loud, practice packing tins with your fingers (Which takes absolutely no skill whatsoever).
-Constanly complain about not having a 'fatty ass pinch' in.
-Call girls 'dike bitches', believing this will somehow make them attracted to you.
-Play sports no matter how bad you are, and still believe you are good at it and important to the team.

There is only two types of girls attracted the OGOX:

-Girls under the age of 15.
-Girls with an IQ lower than 25... which some people call... mentally retarded.


"AYE YO SMA! I got some Grizz Mint! You wanna go hit on some freshmen? ALL DAY"

"The Deuce is Loose! ALL DAY"

"Let's get wasted on FUCKIN beer pong, pussy, grizz, COORS LIGHT, ALL DAY."


"That one kid we hang out with really looks like a fat fish. ALL DAY."

by Schuce DOOS April 09, 2009
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