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That section of sidewalk you avoid because it's covered in nasty, smelly, rotten, squished berries that have fallen from the tree above, especially a mulberry tree
Ew! Berrislab! Take a detour!
by Scarlet Feuth June 24, 2017

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Psychological Urination Emergency. When you mildly feel the urge to urinate for a while, but then when you are finally within sight of a bathroom, it suddenly becomes an emergency, especially upon returning home.
She has PUE Syndrome because she refused to use the portajohn at the festival.

Make it quick! I have PUE Syndrome!

Use the restroom now to avoid PUE Syndrome later.
by Scarlet Feuth June 24, 2017

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Spray paint in public places that cable, electrical, or sewer workers, etc put down while at work. It looks like graffiti at a glance, but it’s not art and it’s usually ugly.
I could tell Verizon had been there because I saw the workfiti.
by Scarlet Feuth March 03, 2019

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