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A homeless kid who lives on the streets. A rat is highly intelligent, agile, and lives off of what other throw away.

Street rats are generally on their own and feel at home anywhere in a given city. The alleys, buildings, dumpsters are their domain.

Not to be confused with Hood Rat, rat fink, rat pack, or a group of homeless kids generally defined as a wolf pack.
That kid looks hungry, we should bring out our left overs after we leave, he is a street rat after all.

Hence the name of the main real life character in the homeless youth documentary "street wise".

Also referenced to in the song by hardcore band Sick of it all - "Rat Pack" or the crust band the Virus with the song "Rats in the City"
by Saxe2600 July 29, 2009
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A group of punk rock kids on the streets and generally homeless. It is a term which is included in the below animal to people reference on the streets.

Bird = dames, broads, or girls (chicks) - also why being called "daffy" is an insult to a guy)

Cat = a guy always preying on birds (hepcat)

Dog = a guy who cats are afraid of. (where my dogs at)

Wolf = a guy a dog is afraid of (generally in packs)

Skunk = a dirty, lewd street punk (generally from CA)

Rat = short for street rat
You **** with him you **** with a wolf pack.

Rancid Album - And out come the Wolves
by Saxe2600 July 29, 2009
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