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PricewaterhouseCoopers, i.e., the Big 4 public accounting firm; Characterized by various types of douche rockets, strokejobs, and fucksticks; Also includes many arrogant assholes who: 1) love their jobs too much, and/or 2) think their jobs are much more important than they really are; Most likely the company Mike Judge worked at before creating the movie "Office Space"; Been known to cause loss of eyesight and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, as well as clinical depression and insanity; Also see: NBC series "The Office." Synonyms: White Collar Garbage Men, Suckers, Glorified Bean Counters, Monkeys in Brooks Brothers, College Part 2, Springboard Company, Line On a Resume, Awkward Interactions, Bureaucratic Horse Shit, Puppeteer Managers, Corporate Drones, Bitch Minions, The Fourth Reich, Third Circle of Hell, Not Smart Enough to Work in Investment Banking, Purgatory, Soul Stealers, The Worst Job You Will Ever Have, Two Years and I'm Out, Assholes, Heroes, Corporate Cheerleaders, John Mark Karr. Antonyms: Real Businessmen, Successful Careers, Human Beings, Well-Rounded Individuals, Nice People, Fair Policies, Personable Staff, Exciting Work, Lively Environment, Humane Treatment, Honesty, Career Potential, Fair Compensation, Opportunities for Growth, A Way to Build Personal Wealth, Valuable Training, Strict Recruiting Policies.
1. If u want to work like a little slave bitch, work ridiculous hours (but also be forced to come into work when there's absolutely nothing to do but stare at your computer for eight hours), not get paid overtime, forfeit any and all chances to have a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex, gain crazy amounts of weight, never exercise, lose all social skills, forget how to talk to girls, climb the corporate ladder at a snail's pace, be tricked into believing you provide value, be tricked into believing your coworkers and bosses care about you, lose contact with all your friends, receive insulting raises, watch your life dwindle into a rotten corpse of its former self, look forward to going home to do nothing but stare blankly at the wall, spiral viciously into a permanent state of cynicism, see the world through a tint of gray, resent everyone, wake up each morning with the taste of bile in your throat and thoughts of masochism in your mind, and eventually, undoubtedly, inevitably hate being alive, PwC is your spot man, welcome aboard.

2. I'd rather be a carny than work for PwC.
by Sarah Eck December 29, 2006

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