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reekfeel is a term that seems to be more and more used to indicate and describe a particular type of experimental fiction that has the purpose to shock and destabilize developed mainstream, to work with feelings good and bad, to generate buzz, but mainly confusion

this particularly type of art originated in the UK in the early 2000s and is reeking through to the surface with the use of all sorts of crazy and absurd internet activities (videos, posts and memberships on different networks, ....) that are then re-elaborated in written, audio or video forms to be published elsewhere (although I have seen only peer-to-peer distribution, that contained lovely videos and photos merged with screen shots of certain events) with a full background information, to pin point the absurdity of this world and have a little laugh at it all

often the term itself "reekeel" is embedded in the works through tags, comments and names of fictitious characters on networks and so forth, to generate the a certain preamble of the whole event, like a sign to those that know .. it works quite well since it isn't really common knowledge
that video was strange
no it was fun
it was crazy, but somehow compelling
it was real weird
what was it?
basically, it was sooo reekfeel!
by SaraSomeWhere August 11, 2008
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