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A village in Newton, Massachusetts considered the "ghetto" of Newton. Also called "The Dale." Known for it's frequent gang shootings, crazy Lasell kids that'll steal your shit, random rap battles on street corners, and frequent intensive break dance contests.

A popular destination in Auburndale is Tom's Pizza where it alll goes down. The strange foreign guys who work there may look intimadating, and even hit on your mother, however are funny and cool with their fellow Dale members of the community.

Auburndale can also be known for strange kids coming from the Williams School, an elementary school where children sing weird songs and sometimes worship Nickelodeon.

It is an oppurtunity and privelege to be able to say you live in The Dale, though it is a life-long commitment. Auburndale is not just a hard-core village in Newton; it is a way of life. To be a part of the Dale is a remarkable, pimpin experience that only a few are a part of.

The Dale: The only way out is in a box.
"its 50 cent and B-I-G ma ni-"
"you cant say that! you're not even ghetto.. you live in Newton!"
"holdddd uppp bitch, da hell you think you are? i live in THE DALE."
"oh i'm so sorry i didnt know.. please dont hurt me.."

"you're acting so weird, like you're from Auburndale or something. what are you going to do next, wear knee socks, watch disney and sing some african tribal song? Damn Williams kids.."
by Sara Ketabs May 20, 2006
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