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N. Or Adj.

The unquantifiable art of doing something to its fullest potential.
Abbrev. DITE
G: Party was live last night, you guys sure know how to do it to em with those three kegs.

Slick: u down to ball?
Rick: Let's do it to em / Let's dite

G: yo u got 5 on this sac right here?
Ray: yee I'm down to do it to em if we put it in a blunt.
by SanDirt September 25, 2013
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V. To deuce or be deuced

Used to informally reject someone's statement as untrue, stupid or absurd & thus prescribing two hits on the shoulder and a slap on the back of the head.
Bryan: Top 3 Ballers all time: Magic, Byrd and Ewing

Slick: that's a deuce!(enforces)
Slick: you didn't say MJ.

J: yo American idol was live last night.

Rick: Deuce.
by SanDirt September 24, 2013
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