5 definitions by Sammie

a site that is owned my a person whose name rhymes with quessica...
"Lyke OMG!!!! Rivers was sooooo totally humping the maladrioted"
by Sammie November 01, 2003
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Someone who eats a lot, then most likely throws it up.
That skinny bitch is a fuckin binger
by Sammie July 30, 2003
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A alternative to yay, used between close friends because at the same time you're callin them a ho.
I got my first paycheck today!
You know it!
by Sammie December 31, 2003
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in relation to the word brap except used in the manner of rachie and sammie only. usually said when iced coffee, "HI LOVE", and smarterchild are in the conversation.
sammie; so how was the barmitzvah?
rachie; it was fine except for the horny cousins!
sammie; frap !
by Sammie June 19, 2006
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