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A female guido. Their appearance is the best indicator of a guida. She will be a girl who wears flashy, tight, clothes that may be designer, but often these clothes can be purchased at a Wet Seal or Forever 21. Often these girls prefer the "scrunched" look for their hair where by it looks wet and wavy but actually it is dry and hard. They do wear flashy jewelery as well, often a pair of fake diamond earrings, a cross, and sometimes, sunglasses that obnoixously displays the designers name on the sides with small crystals. These girls may consider themselves fashionable and well kept. The prefer the term "Italian Princess" or sometimes "Mafia Princess" rather than guida or "jersey shore girl." These girls are high matinenence, loud, with a particularly low IQ, which is why they put the most efforts on their looks. Generally, these girls are attracted to guidos and men who have money to spend on D&G sunglasses and Juicy Couture clothing.
Canadian tuxedo, bebe Crystal labeled shirt, Dior Bedazzled sunglasses, heels and crunchy hair = guida.
by SamanthaKnows February 18, 2008

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