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A woman of ill repute.

A woman who commits fraud and preys on other men for ill gotten gain.

Breaks up marriages and families. lies , cheats and steals
from banks to sucker other man for more gains.
Everyone knows and is told the horrid tale of mama bank check.
That is "Mama Bank check", stay away.
Keep you and your family away from "Mama Bank Check"
Stay away from "Mama Bank Check", she is a swindle in disguise.
by SaltyMan May 29, 2013

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To dump salt upon, usually unnoticed. While sitting at a restaurant, one 'salts' a person next to them by grabbing the salt shaker and quietly pouring salt on their lap until the victim notices. When the victim discovers that they have been salted, the one who salted them usually shouts "HAHA! SALTED!"
John: Sally, what are you...?
Sally: Shhh! I'm salting Susan. *pouring salt on Susan's lap*
Susan: HEY!
by Saltyman February 17, 2010

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