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The generic sandals given to inmates in county jails across the nation for daily wear and for use in the showers..to "skate over the sperm". Definitely found at the East and West county jails in Contra Costa County, California.
I got hemmed up for smacking my chick cuz she was fucking my weed dealer. After I got my jail clothes, they took my shoes and gave me a pair of Sperm Skates.
by Salient1503 March 06, 2011
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A line of haircare products available to stylists and for home use. Also a recent quandary on my FaceBook page.
"Did you see that hair?" "He must be using BRAZILLIAN GLOSS"
by Salient1503 April 20, 2010
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Leukemia pubes. Loo-ke-me-a Pew-buz.

When someone has shaved or waxed their man patch or lady bush so that there is no longer any hair. so it looks like their genital hair has had chemo therapy or radiation treatments.
" I was out with my friend Sean, we had an ebony and ivory casting call..I went home with this little hooker I met at the goat hill tavern ..when I got her pants off I noticed she had leukemia pubes.. jackpot!!"
by Salient1503 April 23, 2010
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