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Its when a reviewer is too lazy to even look at a word. The person who submitted the word finds out five weeks later after submitting a word that it was cancelled before it was even looked at. A classic case of faggetry.
Todd: "Submission Cancelled"? What the fuck! It took five weeks for my word to get HERE?! Thats it, I'm going to define "Submission Cancelled". Lazy fucks.
by Salala December 30, 2005

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A nickname you give to a coworker that believes they are the best at everything. They believe its a name of elevated position, like captain. It inflates their already inflated ego. A skippy frequently talks about their penis size and how attractive their girlfriend is. A skippy has been everywhere and done everything.
"Ol' Skippy just over there being a skippy"
by Salala February 05, 2019

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