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A coeducational private day and boarding school located in Boca Raton, Florida. Most noted for its academic rigor and selectivity in regards to admissions, it is modeled after English public schools. For upperclass Floridians it is a viable alternative to sending their children to boarding school in New England being that the education received at Saint Andrew's is on par with the top prep schools in the nation.
Some Kid: Hey, what school do you go to?
SAS Student: I go to Saint Andrew's School.
Some Kid: Oh, well I'll let you be since my mediocrity is probably offensive to you.
SAS Student: No, that's okay. I have to get used to it since you "average people" will all be working for me someday.
Some Kid: Well then do you want to hang out on Saturday?
SAS Student: No, I have to meet with my tutor and than meet with my private coach and than I am joining one of my schoolmates on his dad's yacht for the evening. Sorry.
by Saint Andrew's Grad July 21, 2006

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