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1) Project: Akemi is a Major Privet internet Study Experiment created by The Myspace Department of Anime-Lolicon (MS.DAL) to study reactions of people to a tradgic event in someone else’s life! The Project/Experiment ended early after an "Unforeseen Event" caused it to shut down! The results of the Study wont be available to the Media until Early 2008! Rumors state there may be another study attempt in the VERY near future!

2) Project: Akemi is also a NEW Live Action Anime Influenced Youtube/ Internet TV show based on a tragic love story between 2 people! I will not release anymore of the story info because I’m already breaking a Privacy Contract I agreed to! I'll release more info later on! The Website is set to be up and running be mid to late 2008 but some sources say it wont be up until 2012!
1) Project: Akemi is a sick way to express one's inner emotions to the world of Lolicon
by Saikano November 02, 2007

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*Only according to Internet Termology(Slang)*
1)Noun A form of Anime which put Underaged Female Anime Characters in to sexually erotic scenes!
2)Verb The Sexuallization of Underaged Female Anime Characters!(ex: Lolilize)
3)Japanese Meaning: "Pedophile"
1)Loli Fan #1: Did you see what Tomo Takino did yesterday on Youtube?
Loli Fan #2: Yea she looked so..."cute" in that lolicon!

2)I hate to see Innocent Anime Characters from Innocent TV Shows get Lolilized! (EX: Azumanga Daiho's Chiyo Mihama)
by Saikano November 02, 2007

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