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A retard which thinks everything is EEEasy. Likes many girls such as HG, EJM, GW, MH and many others. Has the biggest ego in the world; sadly it takes many Ls. Has 2 idols, SL and MRA. It sucks off SL in the toilets while playing the worst mobile game called Brawlstars, and gets a boner over MRA especially when in a 1 on 1 convo. Is adopted, and doesn't go to private school - when it's fake brother does. Dad and mum don't care about it. Has many skills such as being able to 1v7, beat someone with 1 finger, get good marks in a test and much more! It is also 4 eyed. (It has no gender and thus "it" is used)
Saiful: Hi what are you gonna do!
Big man with a knife: Stab you!
Saiful: Fight me with your whole squad, I'll 1v7 you with my finger bitch!
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by Saiful big thing February 01, 2019

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