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This is the friend zone of the ladder theory. A typical guy on your friend ladder possesses any/all of the following characteristics: virgin, girldump, geek, wuss, and is used by women for emotional support while not getting any pussy in return. The girl's excuse: "Aw he's too nice, I could never fuck him".
"He spent all month trying to talk her up to a date, not realising he was on her friend ladder long before".
by Saf1 January 25, 2009

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A guy who girls use to dump emotional problems like "OMG MY BF TOTALLY USES ME", a girldump's just like your average lame-ish nice guy on a girl's friend ladder.
"Her boyfriend just dumped her, and she spent the whole night crying to the girldump about it".
by Saf1 January 24, 2009

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