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Leilani is a badass, and will kill you if you hurt her friends. She is beautiful but she denies it. She will make you laugh, but she always has something to cry about. She always needs comforting, if you know what to say. Overall, Leilani is a great friend, you’ll be lucky to have her in your life.
Human 1: Woah, who’s that?

Human 2: Leilani, watch out, she’ll smack talk you.....And smack you.
by Sad bread August 06, 2020

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Lai’s are the badass queens they are, they can be so nice yet so cold, but when they get cold you just love em’ more. Just like Asher, they probably do crack, and they don’t pay a lot of attention
Person 1: Hey have you seen La’i?
Person 2: You mean that BITCH?! Hahaha!
by Sad bread August 06, 2020

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Asher’s are annoying as fuck but they can also be hella good friends, they are crackheads and probably actually do crack. They can be so sensitive, you can’t even touch them without them saying, “SCREW YOU”. But other times you can have good laughs and be crackheads with them. FOR WHATEVER REASON THWY ALWAYS HAVE BROWN EYES...it’s weird. And they’re always quoting memes like “OH BABY A TRIPLE!” And “Do you know the way?” It’s annoying, but entertaining.
Person 1: Yo, why are you so annoying?!
Person 2: You haven’t seen nothing!! Have you ever met an Asher?!
by Sad bread August 06, 2020

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