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Cái L*n Gì thế
Cậu Làm Gì Thế
Được tạo ra từ làn sóng viết tắt, bắt đầu từ các hội chế truyện trên Facebook
cdcmclgt : con đường cách mạng còn lắm gian truân
clgtn : cái l.. gì thế này
by sz May 04, 2014

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A band comprised of spoiled children of talent agents and other rich NYC businessmen. At different moments they rip off The Velvet Underground and Television, and are perpetually drunk/coked up.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not 'indie,' they are on RCA which is about as independent as Burger King.

A hit with any white bread suburban kid who wants to develop an edgy persona.
e.g. I was listening to the Strokes in my H2 on the way to Nordstrom's to pick up my CGBG shirt. I feel very rock and roll now.
by SZ August 05, 2005

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