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The most funny, thoughtful and allround exquisite girl you shall ever meet. This is a girl who beats the others by far. She cares for you in a way that no one ever has and she will make you cry till you either cry or feel a six pack coming on. Her looks could literally change someones heart, whether she is brunette, blond or ginger (last one's always the best) she simply looks stunning and will make you feel like the happiest and luckiest person in the world to be around her. She will have strange gifts that will amaze and shock, only to be out done by her wonderful and almost dream like smile. She manages to brighten up the cloudiest of days and no matter how you're feeling she will find some way of cheering you up. She guaranteed has excellent musical taste, most bands of which you will either like or enjoy. She is beautifully humble, always caring and worrying for you or others when they are sad and she will without a doubt make you a little happier. This girl is extremely rare and if you find one like her, hold on to her, because you will regret if you don't for the rest of your life.
Guy 1: I think I'm in love

Guy 2: Oh yea? what's her name

Guy 1: Ava...

Guy 2: Whoa...
by SUPERMANWANNABE March 26, 2013

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NBC's Community follows ex-lawyer, Jeff Winger as he tries to get a legitimate bachelors degree after he was dis-barred from his old law firm. Enrolling at Greendale Community College, a school that prides itself on being the 2nd best Community College in the state (by GreendaleCommunityCollege.com), Jeff creates an imaginary Spanish study group, in an attempt to date Britta Perry, a fellow Spanish class mate. In doing so, Jeff walks in on a real study group that Abed Nadir (another Spanish student) has invited in Jeff's absence. The new group consists of Annie Edison (the brainy go-getter), Troy Barnes (the drop-kick jock), Pierce Hawthorne (the old one), Shirley Bennett (the Christian single-mother), Britta Perry (the drop-out anarchist), Abed Nadir (the Television totem) and Jeffery Winger (the dry, quick-witted ex-lawer who can talk his way out of any situation).

Throughout the show's current 5 seasons, the study group have become a family of loveable misfits indulging in mis-adventures time and time again. Whether it's whole campus paintball tournaments, saving their school's a-sexual Dean, Craig Pelton, or planning elaborate heists, Community is a clever comedy that never talks down to its audience (unless you count gas-leak year) and is a treat to observe for anyone with a sense of humour.
Guy 1: "Hey man, want to watch Community?"

Guy 2: "Yeah-HELL YEAH! I'll grab the snacks!"

Guy 1: "Season 1, 2, or 3?"

Guy 2: "All of em'!"
by SUPERMANWANNABE January 28, 2014

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Batmaning or to Batman someone is the act of talking to them for an extended amount of time. When or if they turn the opposite direction, mid-conversation, you slip away un-noticed and un-detected. This is the elusive art of...BATMAN(ing)
Batmanee: "So I was looking up pictures of cats the other day, and the weirdest thing happened..."
*Batmanee turns to pick up an object or look at something*
Batmaner: "Oh yeah? What's that?"
*He slyly slips away from the conversation, behind a door or a wall, anything that conceals his entire body*
Batmanee: "It was this picture of..."
*notices there is no more Batmaner*
Batmanee: "Ah shit, I've been Batmaned! I can't believe he was Batmaning me that whole time!"
by SUPERMANWANNABE January 28, 2014

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When someone is both surprised and frightened at the same time. It's pretty much like being surpised, but worse.
I surprightened my friend the other day by yelling at him "I'll cut you, slag" from around a corner. It was a gas.
by SUPERMANWANNABE April 18, 2017

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