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Kyle Brovlofski, one of the four potty-mouthed kids (along with Stan, Kenny and Eric Cartman who are the main characters in the Comedy Central cartoon "South Park". Kyle is the good-hearted kid who always tries to do the right thing (just as Stan is the rational/practical one and Cartman is the racist a-hole), but usually wraps himself around the emotional axle trying to do it. Kyle is constantly tormented by Cartman for being Jewish. The second half of the "They killed Kenny" / "You bastards!" joke.
Stan: "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"
Kyle: "You bastards!"
by SPDC May 07, 2006

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Beating of a man's penis, then putting a rubberband around it till it's purple, at which point you smack it with a fly swatter.
Jenny gave Sean a purple Carole till he sprayed her with cum.
by SpdC December 04, 2014

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