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A person who cheats to lose a game while choosing who will win.
Jake and Scarlet's mom is a Chooser. They always win at candy land!

She ain't a Chinner she's a Chooser.
by SnJ February 23, 2014
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a person from the suburbs of Chicago, who claim that they are from Chicago, but are not.

Most people from Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn, Palos, Orland, Blue Island, Chicago Ridge, Burbank, Alsip, Hometown, Bridgeview and other surrounding suburbs think that they are from Chicago but they're not and every real Chicagoan hates them.

People who wish that they lived in Chicago, but they are to big of pussies to move there.
I asked this guy who said he was from Chicago what neighborhood he was from and he said Orland. So I called him a Chicago Suburban fagot, and told him to go to his nice, rich, white suburb.
by SNJ July 06, 2006
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