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The crusty film that forms made of sweat that collects under a breast, usually a large breasted girl, or woman.. or anyone who has breasts large or saggy enough to cause and form pockets, if its large enough to hide items, its large enough to collect dirt sweat lint and small creatures. Liken it to swamp ass or belly button lint..
Dude, she flashed us and under flap fell out.

Much to his surprise and horror when he got done licking there, there was some under flap stuck in his teeth
by SLAA addict July 09, 2012

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A cause for alarm; chemically stressed induced morning errection you are awake for. A boner for the night crews, a grave yard shift errection from hell. this type of errection lasts and lasts usually starting at about 3-9 am. And only becomes painfully aware.
but usually is pretty precise at about 5 o'clock.

This massive errection does not go away. This is the awake version of morning wood. Nothing you can think about can make this bitch go away. Its not even sexual! Its just there, angry and you're tired, a zombie with swamp ass and a raging boner that feels painful. Its just there. Awake and the more tired you get. The harder it inflates
but as soon as your shift or whatever is over.

Limp dick motherfucker all over again.
"Ahh, I have a raging angry 5 o'clock boner" said the Marine on post..

"The night clerk tried hiding his 5 o'clock boner behind the cash register

The night clean up crew man was walking bent over.. cause his 5 o'clock boner.

God, I need to get home to chop this thing off or put it in ice water..

The boner you wish you had during sex
by SLAA addict June 27, 2014

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