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A more extensive word for "cool." More similar to the word "clutch." Used to explain and describe the ultimate coolness factor.
Did you see that new movie on Friday? It was so chase.
by SKS May 08, 2007
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An angsty band popular among kids who shop at Hot Topic and have pent up anger. The most popular of their lyrics, "Craaaaaaaaawwwwwwling in my skiiiiiiin", is very popular among gaming messageboards, where people sub lyrics from other songs and lines from movies with that lyric.
Bob: Substitute a line from a movie or a lyric from another song with "Craaaaaaaaawwwwwwling in my skiiiiiiin".
Sam: Alright. Here's Napoleon Dynamite.
"Do the chickens have large talons Craaaaaaaaawwwwwwling in my skiiiiiiin?"
by SKS June 19, 2005
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A post-hardcore/experimental band originating from the Seattle area that is one of the most original and innovative bands to hit the music scene since At The Drive-In. The band consists of Johnny Whitney and Jordan Blilie at vox, Morgan Henderson at bass, Cody Votolato at guitar and Mark Gajadahar at drums. Johnny is also known to play keyboards on occassion and Cody Votolato is known to play in his brother, Rocky Votolato's band, Waxwing. The Blood Brothers formed in 2000 and debuted with "This Adultery Is Ripe" in 2001 and have since released "March On The Electric Children" in 2002, their most popular album, "Burn Piano Island, Burn" in 2003 and their latest album, "Crimes" in 2004. The Blood Brothers have since been proclaimed everything from the new At The Drive-In, as stated in another entry, to the 21st Century's answer to Fugazi. The Blood Brothers are known for their weird, sometimes even disturbing lyrics, abstract guitars, the high pitched singing of frontman Johnny Whitney and their incoherent screams.
Bob: Wow, I can't find anyone to replace At The Drive-In. They were one of a kind...
Sam: Well, that's not true. More like 2 of a kind.
Bob: What?
Sam: Here's Burn Piano Island, Burn by a band called The Blood Brothers. They're like At The Drive-In on steroids.
by SKS June 17, 2005
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