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Jordan Blilie is one of the two vocalists of the now deceased band, 'The Blood Brothers'. He was featured throughout all of their albums, usually singing in a low, sexy voice or doing some pretty hard core screaming.
Now that 'The Blood Brothers' has broken up, he is in two other bands, including 'Head Wound City' a thrash core band, and 'Past Lives', an art punk band.
He has maintained his gorgeous voice through both bands.
Jordan also married his long time girlfriend, Zooey.

Mr. Blilie is also extremly talented and amazing.
His body is extremly skinny;;
his veins literally pop out.
Boy to other boy: You're so thin! Like Jordan Blilie!

If you have a voice like Jordan Blilie, then you have the voice of an angel on crack!
by Coffee Shit July 27, 2009
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