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Basically cunts who own. everyone. especially WindsaaCrew, who are shit at smash. called SG for short, and can be written SuperGroup. combined of AC, the boys, BBT and a few others who don't fall into those 3 groups. absolutley no females whatsoever.

There is only 1 SG.
Super Group: We owned your faces in Smash. and life. we are the superior group

WindsaaCrew: Ow my face!

SG: We own. *claim*
by SG Samus March 3, 2008
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Beers taken whilst on a long drive. used for 'refreshment'. in this case, refreshment means to bring on accelerated drunkenness.

NB: to count for a road beers long drive, you must be in the car for more than 60 seconds, or 1 minute.
Dan: Let's go for a drive to the corner store. i need some smokes

Warren: shit yeah. i'll bring some road beers.

Dan: dude it's only like a 2 minute drive

Warren: yeah i know, so it qualifies as long enough. and i'll be drunk by the time we get back.
by SG Samus March 3, 2008
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