2 definitions by SFalconPunch

Code for a llama emote on the website deviantART. Some chat rooms will kick/ban you for posting it while chatting, because it's big and causes lag on certain computers.
<deviant1> wow, my comp is so old and slow, i hope everyone follows the rules and doesn't post the llama emote...
<deviant2> :llama:
**deviant2 has been kicked by Moderator. Reason: NO GODDAMN LLAMAS!
<deviant1> Moderator: you're my hero!! ;)
by SFalconPunch January 26, 2009
Based off of the phrase lies and slander. Used when someone jokingly says something mean/untrue about you.

Coined by Samantha M. Falcon in late 2008 at Santana High School.
Jeni: You're my best friend Sam, even though I know you burn down orphanages and eat panda bear steak.

Me: lols and slander!
by SFalconPunch January 26, 2009