3 definitions by SDBS

A person who is addicted to k-pop like it's her life and also lacks a penis which is said to her.
Hey did you hear nica like k-pop
by SDBS March 17, 2019
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Someone who has an undying love for BTS and a boi named Alex or Ali-A. She feels no emotion and hates PS4 for some reason
Nica How could u
by SDBS September 04, 2018
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A very fat woman usually accustomed to principles. They easily respond to mating calls especially if you say "doiki doiki". They hate children and adults alike and are very loud both under and above water. They also love child abuse being one of their greatest achievements.
Oi, look at that whale in its natural habitat. oh man is it fat, wait why is it coming here "Fuck off whale" shit shit shit now I have detention.
by SDBS March 17, 2019
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