3 definitions by S.P.G

When a man puts a sock over his penis and crams it into his partners mouth, thus representing "Socko', where Mick Foley would put a sock over his hand and cram it into his opponents mouth, then win the match.
My girlfriend wanted to give me a blowjob, so I pulled off my sock and gave her The Mick Foley.
by S.P.G June 11, 2011
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The act of fingering an individual as they lay asleep or dead.
My girl was sleeping as I walked in the room so she got a visit from The Grimm Reaper.
by S.P.G June 11, 2011
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While performing a sexual act, a man fills the gap between a woman's breast with whipped cream. Then he claps her breasts together, thus launching an explosion of whipped cream into the mans face.
We were having sex in the kitchen, and I saw the Cool Whip on the counter so I gave myself the Kentucky Creamer.
by S.P.G June 11, 2011
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