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A multi-billion dollar media conglomerate which owns and controls MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, VH1, Paramount, DreamWorks animation, Harmonix, Neopets, and many others. Viacom is also owned by National Amusements, Inc which, in turn is owned by a single person (Sumner Redstone) theoretically giving a single man the potential to influence the opinions of unsuspecting millions while sitting behind a desk in a New York City corner office.

It is argued that with such a vast array of mass media in the hands of a single individual it is inevitable that it would be used to passively influence the opinions of those who are ignorant or simply unlucky. BET and MTV for example promotes materialism and superficiality as positive qualities. This simply creates an individual that will buy things that look nice and look no further than the surface of things. Also this creates an individual that shuns uniqueness and advocates conformity. This is simply the owner of Viacom using his power to impose his opinions on the unsuspecting masses.

It is also argued that since Viacom also owns many teenage and childrens television channels that they can theoretically shape the major opinions of an individual during the prime years of social maturation(your adolescent and teenage years). For example, if a child were to watch nickelodeon, play on Neopets.com, and watch dreamworks animation movies for the first 12 years of his/her life than move on to MTV, VH1, and/or BET than a single company has had a large impact over his/her life without the individual ever realizing.

Viacom has a major influence on every young american's life and young people should be wary of its influence on their lives and the power it holds over them.
Results of Viacom brainwashing...
Albert- Yo son what up?
Shan- Nuthin' much holmes... bout you?
Albert- I ain't doin much... jus watching sum MTV
Shan- Word son thats where its at, though i really want to buy shit and hate minorities.
Albert- Yo you just read my mind son!
by S.Albert December 31, 2008
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It stands for Sport Utility Vehicle but all you really need to know is that they are large, low gas-mileage vehicles with a large consumer base in middle-class America.

What is not known is that it also represents a manifestation of the American psyche following the 9/11 terrorist attacks for a desire of safety against the unknown. Since America is based on capitalism the only way Americans knew how to deal with this was to buy something. If you look shit up you can see that gas prices didn't go up as SUVs got more popular but that SUVs got more popular as gas prices went up. Also these events happened at the same time as George Bush began his infamous "War on Terror" which to this day has not achieved its primary goal, the death or capture of Osama Bin Laden. The War on Terror is simply another example of the need for the feeling of safety that arose after 9/11 but on a national scale

As gas prices soared into an absurdly high price per barrel and a few years had passed since 9/11 the American psyche was on its way to being less concerned with safety and more so on economic (2008-2009 recession) and social problems (global warming and the usual shit like shit in Africa) which led to a reduction in the purchase of SUVs.

The need for the feeling of safety created by 9/11 simply jump started the SUV industry but in no way sustained it. Presently many people still buy SUVs because of the social aspects and the limited practical values.
Watching the news...
Albert- Wow dude i never thought terrorists could do something like that...
Shan- Yea i don't feel safe whenever I'm outside my house anymore.
Albert- I know, lets buy really big cars because thats how we get places when we aren't home!!
Shan- Good Idea... (leaves his gated community house to the car dealership across the street) Give me your largest bulkiest SUV and i will pay whatever it costs!! Who cares about gas prices or the environment?
by S.Albert January 02, 2009
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