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To pull a creeper is to lie, this lie is normally pathetic and unbelievable, and just to impress people. 'pulling a creeper' is best applied to compulsive liars. creepers that are pulled are usually preceeded by "yeh well,"
"yeh well, i had 20 Es last night, and speedy came round with a fistful of weed when i was getting laid by 10 or 11, but not 12, girls with strap-ons on. i got the Es form the birmingham black market, and while i was there i saw the clash. Both my parents are dead"
"who are they then creeper?"
"theyre, eerrrrr.... yeh well, i had 4 parents"
"chris, i think youve just been pulling a creeper"
by S Xcore U February 15, 2006

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