2 definitions by Rythmicjea

Aggravating, bitter, infuriating, problematic, salty, terrible

When you've drunk the insect syrup, you'll know when things become a problem because you'll taste mint.

Everything's fine until you start tasting mint.

The mint comes at the end...
The writers calling Quentin's suicide a "sacrifice" is minty.

Cinematically, Q's death was great. However, the actual story and the plot behind it is so minty.
by Rythmicjea April 19, 2019
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1.) Crack Cocaine. Specifically, crack cocaine lovingly inserted into a lobster for smuggling purposes out of Florida. See Florida Lobster Fishing.
2.) Song by the B52s.
3.) Bar in Broad Ripple, IN.
Rock lobster can run up to $1000 a kilo.

Rock lobster is a Florida Man delicacy.
by Rythmicjea August 22, 2020
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