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It stands for, Yucky Idiotic Furry Fuckers. Y.I.F.F.
All furries are yiff.
by Ryan Satter March 21, 2005
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Shaving your penis hair. Ususally done by gay people or perverts.
I'd hate to be a lumberjack if they were loggint the forbidden forest
by Ryan Satter March 30, 2005
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A furrie who wants to yiff. They make up the majority of the furry people.
Almost all furries are furverts.
by Ryan Satter April 19, 2005
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Something that should be made illegal. If they can make pedophiles illegal why not this sick peverted act. It involves two people dressed like animals fucking each other and acting like they are mating.
Fursuitsex is secretly every furries wet dream.
by Ryan Satter April 29, 2005
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Sick perverts who have a fetish for furry animals. They tend to draw themselves as animals and dress in fursuits and go to furry conventions.
I like to beat up furries when they dress up in their fursuits. It is easy cause they tire so easily dressed like that and have muted sences thanks to their stupid animal mask.
by Ryan Satter March 21, 2005
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Meanest bitches on the planet. They are mean to men cause they are bitches. They think they are superior to men but they ain't. They fucken slap and yell at me every day. I want to rape them and show them true sex and convert them to normal women.
One of my sexual fantasys is raping lesbians.
by Ryan Satter April 12, 2005
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