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Maur is a prolific digital artist living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He specializes in designing icon sets and skins for applications. He is also very ruggedly handsome in a geeky sort of way :)
Maur is is such a cool guy because he "knows what's best" and "doesn't want to be left by the side of the road durring a thunderstorm"
by Ryan Paton March 3, 2004
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Slashdot (/.) is a news site and forum for nerds and the tech community to read and discuss nerdy related material, usually the articles consist of information technology, open source software and science fiction or other nerdy and delightfully brainy topics.
Have you checked out the article on the new Linux kernel updates on slashdot yet?
by Ryan Paton February 25, 2004
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An ellipsis is a series of three or more periods (...) inserted into a sentence to indicate a pause or silence. Ellipses are usually used in dialogue. Ellipses are used today in lieu of other proper punctuation.

An ellipsis can also be used to indicate the ommission or suppression of a word or phrase.

Latin ellpsis, from Greek elleipsis, from elleipein, to fall short.

Plural: ellipses
"I was thinking... well... maybe we could... ummmm.... go out sometime Sally."

"Why don't you just .... off!"
by Ryan Paton February 25, 2004
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