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Usually in Multi-player games, a player who will "camp" by a spawn point, in order to kill a player almost instantly after he/she has respawned. This, is a perfectly legal tactic, however it is very much unfair. these problems are somtimes prevented by game features such as invicablity fo (X) amount of time after the player has spawned. Campers are usually unexperienced players or noobs, who can not win the game, so they use this method insted of obtaining victory through skill.
*player A moves to enemy spawn point*

*Player B is killed, respawns, then is quickly killed by player A, who is "camping by the spawn point*

this continues as insults are exchanged, mostly about the camper being a noob.
by Ruppy September 23, 2005

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Short for Zerg Zergling, a unit from Starcraft. It is a small, cheap, unit that is best if used in groups of 12 or more.
Lings are used to swarm an enemy base.
by Ruppy September 23, 2005

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