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One does not simply walk into it.
Boromir: one does not simply... walk into mortor...
Aragorn: its mordor
Boromir: what?
Aragorn: its "mordor", with a "d"
Boromir: one does not simply walk into mordor...
Frodo: um... yes you do...
Boromir: shut up!,no you dont!
Frodo: yes you do, you tottally do
Boromir: nuh-uh!. you need like... an army.
with, like... ninjas... and... um... wizards!
Gandalf: i'm a wizard!
Boromir: yeah, but you're not a ninja
maybe some bears, too... bears that shoot laser beams out of their eyes. oh man, that would be so frickin' AWESOME!
by Ruopolo March 12, 2008

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a evil girl that's taking hold your balls and wont doubt to tighten if, in her way of thinking sees that you make a mistake.
Friend: Hey, we are going to **** disco tonight,you are coming, dont you?

Boyfriend: I dont know, man. My girlfriend really hates when I go out, she thinks I just will want to get laid
by Ruopolo September 16, 2007

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