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1. A neat little "magical girl" manga with pretty art and fun lesbian subtexts and not-so-subtexts that became a delightfully cheesy (and eventually badly dubbed) anime with lots of fanservice (though oddly less obvious lesbian subtexts) and the occasional plot development; now currently the cause of approximately 1/3 of major anime/anti-anime related flame wars involving people who take their entertainment way too seriously.

2. A source of hatred, obsession or neutrality, depending on your tolerance for fangirls or cheese.

3. An even cheesier but fun live action series involving Japanese people in really fake-looking wigs and even faker taking cats (read: plush toys and bad CGI effects).

4. The main source of income for Naoko Takeuchi.
1. You wouldn't believe how much wank can be generated online by the simple statement by anybody of either "Sailor Moon rox!" or "Sailor Moon sux!"

2. I like Sailor Moon, but, like Jesus, some of her fan club is a little nuts.

3. Did you see the cheap special effects in last week's episode of live action Sailor Moon?

4. Sailor Moon = money for Naoko.
by Runa27 April 22, 2005

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