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Medically referred to as the "pannis" it is the lump of fat just above a womans vaginal area. The words pudge and cunt were combined to form the word gunt.
She was good looking, thin from the waist up but from the waist down her gunt was a real turn off.
by Rumrunner August 7, 2006
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Geotrophic is the North American version of the French word terrior but scientific in nature. Differences in wind, temperature, soil conditions can all be quantified when describing the geotrophic conditions of different wineries.
The subltle differences in wines from Sonoma Pinot Noir grapes can be attributed to geotrophic diffences in the soil acidity, average rainfall, average windspeed and average temperature which affect the growth and taste of the grapes.
by Rumrunner April 28, 2010
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making two quick strokes under your nose with your index finger after you snort some coke
I was watching a rap video and the rapper was holding his balls with his left hand and then he rubbed the bottom of his nose with the index finger of his other hand, the rapper had coke finger.
by Rumrunner November 9, 2008
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