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An offensive term and obreviation used by the LGBTQIA+ to catagorize heterosexual people who have kept their assigned gender from birth.
"it's always the cishets that are homophobic"

"Did you hear what that cishet said?"
by Rude :( August 13, 2022
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A god. Unstoppable. Over Dominant and will dominate the world one day and in a matter of seconds. They are insane. Stupid yet smart. Very fucking ugly. So chill most think they are on drugs. But if you get on their bad side watch out for them, they bite. They will dominate the world and are the most powerful in the world.
"Vria is the sexiest, just kidding!"

"Vria will kill us all."
by Rude :( November 22, 2021
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Vria is a god, they are the most dominant in the world and will take over. Now they are also know for their many cocks and disgusting looks. They are very chill and usually stoned. They can be the stupidest in the world or the smartest. They have an awful music taste. Although they might be very chill never get on their bad side, they have a tendency to bite. Their voice kills gods with its terrible pitch.
"Vria is the sexist, just kidding!"
by Rude :( November 22, 2021
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The LGBTQ is a group of people who typically wear goofy clothes, think their hot but not, have ugly multi colored hair, and have ruined rainbows for the rest of eternity. It caused made kids drop of our school, lead many children into suicide, caused bullying because they want to be "different". Lgbtq people are usually attention whore fags and tranny's who want you to agree with what they say but will not listen to what you believe. They are anti religious illy manered people who are very selfish. You can spot them in big city's in Starbucks, and if you catch their eye in a certain way they will bark, these people are hostile and love to make up words.


Animal like pronouns like bun/bunself or cat gender

They turned gender into something that can be discribed as a feeling and seem to always be on illegal drugs.
They believe there is far more than just being gay, lesbian, or bi. Surely you can be any of those or be trans.

Lgbtq is a brainwashing illness that will dirty your children and teach them about sex at age five.

Keep your children away from this until they are able to date.
P1 "good lord, I just heard p3 is cat gender!"
P2"fucking hell, I hope they find a cure"
P3"meowself wants to go bye meow/meowself/pur"
P1+P2"stfu, please keep that to yourself and your sexual partner, you freaking zoophile"
P3"ugh you cishets"
P3 works in a primary school

P3"hello class, today I'm coming out to you as a member of the Lgbtq, I identify as a trans female nonbinary, who is Gay, I also am cat gender please use my correct pronouns"

P1+p2 "god, we need to send emails to the parents Incase their kids think that p3 is just playing dress up so they follow like it's a game"
by Rude :( August 13, 2022
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