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A type of dance common amongst Essex clubbers. The knees are slightly bent down, the fist clenched lightly and the right or left arm is in an 'L' shape at the front of the body. The elbow moves back and forward in time with the music as if one was nudging someone infront of them.
Essex boy: Owright boys, im gonna essex boy elbow it down to the floor tonight!
by Rozzle January 14, 2008
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When someone kisses you but you do not want to. So when people say that they saw you kissing someone, you say that you were kissed raped by someone that forced a kiss.
Kiss raper: Give us a kiss love! (does'nt wait for an answer but sticks his toungue down your throat).

People: We saw to kissing that guy over there. What was he like?

Me: It was awful he kiss raped me.
by Rozzle July 12, 2006
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