3 definitions by Roxy Rudy

A good game but unfortunately suffers from long Dev. disorder.

UT Fan:When its Deltarune coming out i'm so excited!?
Toby Fox:7 years or....never.
Ut Fan:Oh....
Deltarune is the indie game equivalent of Half Life 3.
by Roxy Rudy March 21, 2019
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1.A term used in World War I, the interwar era and World War II, to describe German fighting or the populous.
2.An attack in Overwatch used by the character Reinhardt
3.The process of fucking or getting fucked by a German.
My boyfriend Franz gave me his German Fury.
by Roxy Rudy February 4, 2019
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A black alien parasite seen in the Spider-Man comics and that is most popularly known as Venom.
by Roxy Rudy October 17, 2018
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