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A crypto-currency worth absolutely nothing, yet is used anyways. TO THE MOON!
Wow, such dogecoin. Many riches. Very to the moon. wow
by RoundedColt8 June 26, 2014

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A holy shit amazing album about Nintendo games by Egoraptor And Ninja Sex Party.
There has been one album at the time of this definition, but there is going to be another/more.
Dude, I just bought the new Starbomb album!
by RoundedColt8 July 16, 2014

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A town in which (myself, among many) potheads live. It is actually a very nice town anyways. It has very good school systems, with a VERY low rate of crime (besides the weed). It is near Worcester, MA and Boston, MA.
Michael: Hey, dude, I just drove down to Oxford, Massachusetts from Worcester!
Jon: Yeah? Your point?
Michael: I scored half an ounce for barely ANY money!
by RoundedColt8 June 24, 2014

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